Modern Science

The researchers of Fontanus have been doing multiple research activities on numerous fields of life for more than 15 years.
The topics examined are approached from the perspective of various sciences.
Our research results are published in the form of educational methodologies, methods and publications.
We strive to ensure that all our results can be put in practice.

Research and Methodology

In the course of our research, in the past years we have reached multiple results that were made accessible in the form of articles, publications, lectures, lecture series, roundtable discussions, trainings and books. The most important work published by the Center is The Theoretics by Balázs Török-Szabó, which is both a theoretical summary of the organization’s scientific work and a starting point for further research and methods developed by us.

The uniqueness of our approach is guaranteed, besides interdisciplinarity, by the fact that the knowledge produced by us is submitted to public in form of methodology and tools applicable in multiple fields. Such fields may vary from leadership trainings to methodology for training top
athletes or to a school of philosophy.

Our main goal is to gain comprehensive and general knowledge in the topics researched, including life, reality and people, and make them widely accessible. To this end we work out truly useful, effective and modern methodology that is adjusted to the needs of 21st century and by using them, the individual or the organization may reach real and experienceable improvement.

Current research areas

  • Effective, interdisciplinary educational methods
  • Information, the flow of information
  • Individual
  • Consciousness
  • Improvement
  • Music
  • Game theory
  • Training, training theory
  • Body consciousness
  • Rehabilitation
  • Conflict resolution

Main research results

A teória és A teoretika

The Theory and The Theoretics

The two books of Balázs Török-Szabó are in a way a summary of all researches at Fontanus Center, and at the same time starting points of multiple further researches.

The Theory, published in 2015, establishes an approach: the approach of conscious development. It studies the connection of individual and reality and within this it concerns multiple areas, prepares a system-level description.

The Theoretics, published in 2017, is the unfolding of The Theory, in a way zooming in to its content. The conceptual system is carried on and it is built further. However, it is more than just magnification, because it creates a consistent and comprehensive system, in which its concepts are all located, exposed them from various aspects. The Theoretics examines the people, the reality and the connection between people and reality – in the light of information. It approaches the topic from a quite unique point of view. In the course of examination, it defines and locates these the system concepts such as attention, feeling, decision, will, improvement or creation. It shows processes such as the genesis of conscience, the process of separation, or how intellect works.

The book is the description of a system, in a way it can be called as the anatomy of conscience. Just as anatomy describes the human body, the physical level of people, The Theoretics describes the conscience and the way it works, in details. It shows how humans operate including its physical, mental and emotional levels, in its movement, and on a system-level.

Both books were published by L’Harmattan Publishing in the series of Fontanus Books.

The Theory  |  The Theoretics

Water Skyball

Water Skyball is a new aquatic double sport, developed by Hungarians, with unique rules. The quickly spreading, more and more popular sport is the intellectual product of the Fontanus Center’s professional leaders, developed by the Center’s researchers as a tool for education.

The aim was to create a game in which, besides physical capabilities, tactics, skills, situation recognition plays a significant role, so not only physical improvement but also mental capabilities are developed. This sport is fully a non-contact sport, so the risk of injury is minimal. This game has become an independent sport by now. The Water Skyball Federation organizes men’s and women’s championship, first and second league as well, every year, and manages the sport’s matters. In cooperation with the Federation, Fontanus Center supports the spreading of Water Skyball by ensuring the training of referees and the physical environmental conditions of the championship.

Balance to the Power Two

Balance is a movement therapy training method combines past years’ research results of Fontanus Scientific Methodological Research and Educational Center. The research team consisted of a medical doctor of rehabilitation and physiotherapy, a trainer and a philosopher. Their goal was to create a way of exercises designed for the needs of the people of 21 st century which allows effective improvement and, with regular use, allows to reach a healthy and dynamic balance of the body.

The method is suitable for balancing out disorders caused by sedentary life or incorrect movements, and is also suitable as a training method for many. Therefore, it is different from any other way of training or exercising. The method is based on scientific research and valid professional knowledge, takes into consideration the needs of the people of the 21 st century, keeps developing continuously, and is natural.

The method includes that instructors are helping the work of participants at the classes, since an external, expert viewpoint can help to improve much more effectively than if one relies only on their own experience. Instructors are being trained continuously by Fontanus Center, and it also ensures their advanced training.


Potzak is a solution for mothers still looking pregnant after giving birth.

More than half of the women giving birth to a child develops rectus diastasis. Most of them does not even know about the problem. As the abdominal muscles play a central role in the human body, their malfunctioning has serious consequences to their health.

With the application Potzak, we would like to give an accessible and effective solution to those mothers with rectus diastasis.

The development of Potzak is backed by a medical expert with several years of experience curing rectus diastasis and the project is developed by the Fontanus Scientific Methodological Research and Educational Center’s researchers.

Fontanus Academy

At Fontanus Academy you may train yourself – playing and being part of community – as nowhere else.
And you may gain knowledge that you can use anywhere in your life.


You may take part in exciting and totally unconventional games, competitions and challenges. Teams, excitements, pushing your limits – without limits. (For example, have you ever tried soccer with six football goals?)


Lots of new and meaningful things, games, sports and creations that you can take part and you will talk about your experiences for years. It is ensured by a lot of tools, ideas and our experiences and that we put together ourselves.


Open minded, creative, eager and cool group of people that pay attention on you and where you can be who you are. Improvement is faster together with others and it is much more fun!


Through games and experience, cooperating with others you may gain such knowledge that you can use at any part of your life. Here learning is practice so you will not be bored for sure.


Ask questions about yourself and the world surrounding you. Improve your thinking and understand the world around you and your life. Philosophy is so much cooler than you think 😉

Fontanus Academy’s methodology is based on the Fontanus Center’s scientific research.

Playing games is a very effective way of learning because it is life-like, natural and in addition it is exciting and fun. So playing games, sport and mental challenges play an important role in Fontanus Academy’s syllabus.

Our trainings are always practical. Not only the games but our lectures and workshops are interactive. So instead of dry and boring classes, you can always join the teamwork and may gather experience.

It depends on you how much you gain from your opportunities, because independence is one of the most important things to learn. And we find it equally important for us to learn working together. We learn and teach things that you may use at any part of life: how to solve problems, how to learn effectively, improve your situation awareness, learn to make decisions, improve and create, gain knowledge and research.